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We are based in Nashville, TN and are passionate about bringing you high quality dance instruction, dance parties, and performances in salsa, casino rueda, bachata, and chachacha.  So join us at one of our classes or parties.  Our upcoming events are listed below.  We would love for you to become part of our circle.

Our Events Provide:
  • A fun way to exercise
  • A great way to socialize and meet new people
  • An opportunity to be a part of a vibrant community of dancers
  • So much fun!!

You really should be a part of it!

Watch the Video Above to Preview our Parties and Lessons!

Weekly Latin Dance Lessons
Every Sunday Evening


Miss Fit Academy
265 Hermitage Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

Bachata lessons at 5pm
Salsa lessons at 6pm
$10 per lesson or save by buying 4 classes for $30

Bachata 101 & 201

Salsa 101 & 201 

In this weekly bachata workshop, we will work on improving the quality of your dancing by adding smooth body movement, intricate footwork, and clean turn patterns, so that you can move with confidence on the dance floor.  We will have two instructors teaching so that all levels can learn at the same time.  One instructor will work with beginners and one instructor working with advanced dancers.  This year, we will build off of each week's lesson creating a nice dance routine that teaches musicality and shows you how to accentuate bachata music more creatively with your styling.  The goal is to help you build a strong foundation of bachata techniques that will last you a lifetime with this highly addictive dance.  
Salsa 101 is for those who are new to salsa. Each week, we will review the fundamental techniques of salsa, working to perfect our basic step, cross body lead, and right hand turn. We will also learn how to add styling and body movement to our dancing to get our moves flowing more smoothly and naturally. We will end each class by applying these techniques to a simple turn pattern adding more variety to your dance repertoire. The goal is to help you build a strong foundation of salsa techniques that will last you a lifetime with this highly addictive dance. After mastering the basics, graduates of Salsa 101 can look forward to joining the Salsa 201 side of class, learning more complex combinations and really taking their dancing to the next level. 

Salsa 201 is for those who have already mastered their cross body leads and right hand turns, and want to learn some advanced techniques in partnerwork, styling, musicality, and timing.  Each week, we will conquer a new, fun turn pattern and then go back to review moves we covered in previous lessons always building off what we've learned and reinforcing good leading and following skills. We will end every class by showing you how these moves also work in a rueda with fast-paced partner changes and fun group tricks. So much variety in one little hour. You don't want to miss it!  

Sunday Lessons These Dates

Bachata at 5pm
Salsa at 6pm 

January 13th
January 20th
January 27th
February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th
March 17th
March 24th
March 31st
April 7th
April 14th
May 5th
May 12th
May 19th
​May 26th

No Class These Dates 

We will be traveling to Thailand in February and Europe in April and will not have class this following dates.

February 24th
March 3rd
March 10th
April 21st
April 28th


1. What to wear?
You can wear any clothes that you like,  We do recommend that you were leather or suede soled shoes so you can do the turns easily.  Avoid rubber bottom shoes if you can.  

2. Do I need a partner?
No partner is necessary, so feel free to come alone or with a friend.  We will partner you up in class and we will change partners frequently so you will get to dance  with everyone.
3. Do I need to pre-register?  
If you like you can register online here, or you can register in person at the studio.  Either way is fine.

4.  When can I start?
You can get started any Sunday.  We start with the basic step review in every class so you can start at any time.

Salsa Lesson Sample Video

fun salsa classes
bachata lessons in Nashville
Private Lessons Available
Learn as fast or as slow as you like!
Private lessons are good for those who want more personal action and instant feedback on how to improve their dancing.  Privates are $50 an hour for 1-2 people.  Appointments are available Monday-Wednesday 6pm-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm.  Message us here to schedule a time.

Heading 3

Try Our Online Classes!
Can't make it to class every Sunday?  Well, we are very excited to announce that we now have online salsa lessons.   Now, you can take class in the studio, online, or both. 

In our Salsa 101 online course, you will learn the basic steps, the right-hand turn, and cross body lead.  Each lesson builds off the other until you are able to do more complex combinations. We will also cover the common mistakes people make helping you to avoid them from the start, and  we will give you great tips on how to communicate and have fun with your partner.   

This course is regularly priced at $29.99, but for a limited time it is discounted to $24.99 as our introductory offer.   We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so  please check it out!  With online classes you can get started dancing right now!   

Click above to watch the promo video!

Learn More Here!
 Havana Nights Salsa Parties
Bachata and Salsa in Nashville
Twice a month Lucas Latin Dance hosts a great salsa party at 404 Bar & Grill.  We play the hottest mix of salsa, bachata, chachacha, merengue, cumbia, and kizomba.  Our upcoming events are listed below.  Please come out and party with us.  It's just $8 to dance the night away.
404 Bar & Grill
404 Elysian Fields Road
Nashville, TN
9pm casino rueda lesson
10pm-1am dance party
Upcoming Havana Nights Salsa Parties on following Saturday nights:

January 19th
February 2nd
February 16th
March 16th
March 30th
April 6th
May 4th
May 18th
June 1st
June 15th


Dance Class Reviews

I want to let everybody know this is a great class to take, it's well worth the time. I know that there are some really good dancers and there are also some dancers that need work. The truth is we all can use some help to improve our lead and follow. Remember with practice we become better. So I would highly recommend this to any dancers of Nashville.

Kendra has been teaching me for the last several years. 
I have found her private lessons to be very helpful in teaching not only moves and patterns, but timing and styling. She is extremely patient (I'm a very slow learner), and paces my lessons so that I can consolidate what I have learnt, before moving on to the next thing.
She is an excellent teacher. 


I love it!! It is fun!! My friends and I are happy to find you! It is new for us and we are loving it! 

Be prepared to have a blast! My first class I felt like I got thrown into the fire. But I stuck it out a at the end I felt like a Phoenix I enjoyed every moment and Sunday can't get here any sooner so I can do it all again!!!


Need Dance Shoes? 

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